Monday, May 28, 2012

Why Use a Realtor?

Why Use a Realtor?

Hello.  My name is Bill Cox and I am with Realty Executives of Hickory, North Carolina. I have been selling homes in the Hickory Metro area for over twenty-five years.  One of the most often asked questions that I receive is, “ Do I really need to use a Realtor?”  Well, today, I am going to answer that question. A Realtor can help in both purchasing and selling Real Estate.

When purchasing Real Estate, a Realtor will assist you in finding a qualified mortgage specialist.  A mortgage is one of the most important pieces of the real estate purchasing process. A mortgage specialist will determine how much the client can spend and let the client know the monthly payments. Once the mortgage is secured, a Realtor will assist the client in the property search.  Realtors are members of the local multiple listing service, which is a database of all the properties currently listed for sale.  So if a client is looking for a specific school district, a neighborhood near shopping, a residence outside the city limits, or a property with acreage, a Realtor can help with these categories and many, many more. After finding the right property, a Realtor can assist the buyer in negotiating a contract. With a Realtor’s knowledge of the current market, he or she can make sure the client gets the best deal possible. With the property now under contract, a Realtor can assist the buyer in finding qualified professionals to investigate and inspect the property and provide the findings in writing to the client. Finally, a Realtor can assist the buyer in finding a qualified Real Estate attorney to close the transaction. A Realtor will be there with you in every step of the purchasing process, from the beginning until the keys are in your hand. 

When selling Real Estate, a Realtor can provide you up-to-date information on what is happening in the market place. A Realtor will have knowledge of price, financing terms, and conditions of competing properties. A Realtor will market your property to other Real Estate agents as well as to the public.  As a member of the Multiple Listing Service, A Realtor can share the information about your property will all the Realtors in the area.  With print media and internet, a Realtor will be able to market your property to the general public. A Realtor can assist the seller in evaluating and negotiating any offers from potential buyers.  With the Realtor’s knowledge of the marketplace, he or she can aid the seller in accepting the right offer.
Once the property is under contract, a Realtor can help in getting the deal closed,  even  helping to resolve any last minute issues that may arise.

My name is Bill Cox with Realty Executives of Hickory N.C.  I have been selling the Hickory Metro Area for over 25 years, and I thank you for viewing.